This piece is a homage to three famous names in world history that influenced many artists, Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939),  Joan Miró (1893 – 1983), and Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989).
Freud is the godfather of psychoanalysis in the field of psychology. Meanwhile, Miró and Dali is a critical exponent of the school of surrealism in fine arts. This piece is also a reminder that surrealism or any style in art is not merely a technique but is related to knowledge (philosophy, culture, and even political development).
Moreover, this piece is a reminder of everything that emerges by the unconscious mind will generate unconscious energy. This energy can come back into dreams, creative power, and that fun of playing games like a child used to be.

Herry Dim, born in Bandung, May 19, 1955. He is an artist (painter, theater artistic worker, installation art and performance art, graphic art, one of the inventors “jeprutism,” poet, haijin, playwright, created “wayang motekar” (a kind of shadow puppet show in color), and writes essays on art and culture; activists for the environment, anti-corruption, peasant movements with Odesa Indonesia, etc. He ever exhibitioned or did arts activities in various cities in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Fukuoka, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and a solo exhibition at the Palais de Nations in Geneva, on 20 to 24 November 2008. He joined in a collaboration work with Les Remoulers to perform flying puppet “The Bird,” 2016. As artistic director for Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House,” a production by Neo-Theater (Indonesia) at SCOT, Japan, 2017, etc. Solo Exhibition: Art Rite – Rite Art (1986), Art and Poem(1990), Welcoming to the 3rd Millenium (1993), Installation Art of 10 Biographies (1993/4), Painting and Installation Art “A Guest Room with No Occupy” (1994), Pohaci Jero Bebegig: Farewell (1994), Bebegig and a Journey to the East with Hendrawan Riyanto (1995), “Jawinul” an installation art for Pasar Seni ITB (1995), “Rakit” an installation art on Ciliwung river (1995), Pohaci Jero Bebegig, Copenhagen (1996), “gonjangganjingnegeriku” (Bandung, 1998), A Pray for My Country (1999), “gonjangganjingnegeriku” (Jakarta, 2000), 13:13:13 (2004), The World of Children and Hopes (2008), Badingkut (2010), Installation art “A Path of Cry” (2010), Installation art “Praying Space” (2013), Installation art and social action “Beri Aku Paru-paru, bukan Mall,” Annual Jeprut #1 (2014), Installation art and 24 hours social action “Jangan Ambil Suara Rakyat” (2014), Cosmogony (2015), Exhibition and book launching “61 Paintings & Haiku” (2016).***